Monday, August 24, 2020

Time to get serious .... it is happening right now.... & there is a happy ending to 2020... :)

 I must say I was losing hope, that so many still believe all this chaos is about a common virus with a survival rate of 99% ..  Really ?  Hmmm! 

If you are NOT ,  😉 Then below is a video you really need to WATCH! 

  " The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off" & it sure will.... if you have any empathy that is , unlike Killer Gates ... 😑

Awww, Not so smiley now is he ? LOL Creepy psychopath! 👿

Viewer discretion is advised on this video. It covers some very disturbing topics. (I have downloaded it) as it keeps vanishing off YouTube.. 

I wonder why ?  👀😵

It also has a lot of very important information along with PROOF of all the lies they tell and have been telling for years now..  Shocker! NOT!😏

Even some of the stories in the beginning , I was fooled by, you will see why ....

It is a very long video, but well worth watching!!!! If you can handle the whole truth , you will be amazed, shocked and probably like, WTF ?

There were a lot of answers to a lot of Questions I certainly had ...    

However, the ending will give you hope that this year will end in a good way!

If there is any justice in the world, this video gives me hope that there is! 

Every time I go to post or share some videos that I find important to share, or resembles any sort of TRUTHS ,  I get this error from the Fascist Fact checkers at Fascistbook .. lol  ...  😄 Go figure! 

The reason I started this blog to start with .. 
I seem to get those a lot lately .... LOL  oh well. 
Also did you see the one if you .... 
Type into google any 3 digits "XXX new cases" and they fill up the front page of searches with whatever number you put in. 
 Unbelievable... but I did try it, and yes ... shocker! 😆 NOT!

Lies, lies , lies all of it!  😩



Sunday, August 16, 2020

One day to go for the world premiere of part two of the Plandemic Movie! Brilliant!

The great mask debate LOL ... 

FINALLY!! Good on him! We need more like him! 😍

Or you too could end up like these people...  Ewww! 😝

Monday, August 10, 2020

Am a little over all the BS now, people are waking up it seems! Some anyway!

 While NZ is mostly back to normal, I bet no one is  having fun in Victoria!

Hard to believe they just get away with such inhumane treatment of people...

when it is all just mind games with an agenda. 😵

I guess it is who is running your country and states ... to how far they will go...

and how much they can get away with .. Shocking! 

Fun video , just because ...  😁 


 That little weazel Fauci needs to be in jail already! 😈
As does Bill Gates.... (another creepy man)  

We can't fix stupid! 👅😏

Monday, August 3, 2020

New video channel with no censorship ...

Finding the truth just got a whole lot easier....   😁 Shocker! 


Upside down, clown world still ..... ???

 So many things going on, truth, truth and more truths coming out ... 😀 From the stolen elections, through to proof climate change is a hoa...