Monday, November 9, 2020

How low will mainstream media go ? As low as is possible it seems... Shocker? ~ NOT really.

 There is just so much BS going on in the world it is so hard to keep up really. 

Have not posted in a while as my brain needed a break from it all ... 😞

Seems if you are a Trump supporter or a truth teller, you are banned from most places online.  Freedom of speech is over it seems.  I honestly can not bring myself to watch our own countries news any more on TV as it is the complete opposite reported to what is actually really going on, disgusting really. Sickening to watch.

NewsmaxTV online seems to be a great resource though, so far, so good! 💖

I do trust that things will all work out the way they are meant to and the truth will prevail as it usually does.   Just wish it would hurry up LOL ...  The likes of Twatter &  Facistbook or even Youtube  have totally de-platformed so many now. 

If this video stays up on youtube, it is well worth watching ...👀👍 

Upside down, clown world still ..... ???

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