Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Happy New Year for 2022 (not possible for some)

It is almost hard to say it , as so many might be mourning a loved one perhaps.

Very sad indeed, since they are covering up most of the deaths, you really only hear about it when it happens to someone you know or someone finally gets the truth out there.  😇 

2021 just zoomed on by, no pun intended .  I refuse to use that platform, not sure why.  However I will trust my intuition although millions of others do use it.  Maybe I am just weird OR I have a few brain cells left, thankfully. 💟

I was expecting a huge March here on the 15th, seems everyone went back to sleep after holidaying over the Christmas break, the government are doing their last pushy, pushes for the clot shots ... sickening to say the very least.  My children are all grown men now, but they are coming after the kids with this crap.  As a mother I can not imagine letting that happen EVER.

A great few videos that say a lot , instead of embedding them I will just paste the links below.....   

* Masks are BAD in so many ways. Short & Sweet & explains a lot. 

Next time someone says "masks, should be mandated" send them this one. 😁


*Great compilation video ~ FACTS! :)  


Hoping they show up here on (google)   👿

*The ABCDEFU SONG,  LOL Absolutely brilliant , love it!! 


Someone should tell the sheeples ...  WAKE the F* up New Zealand! 
Sometimes it is like talking to a brick wall these days, too much TV I guess. 
One guy in an interview said he got his news from the TV when asked what he thought about the pandemic LOLOL  (Plandemic) geez!
Actually that is a good place to send people to as well.
It can take a while to load up the site and you may even get a notice that is is unsafe to visit it  LOL , unsafe to the politicians and the evil ones.  It is a 100% safe site ! 
Let's KNOW that 2022 will be a great year! Hang in there, just a little longer!
Condolences to anyone who did lose a loved one during this whole BS fest . 😩

Hallelujah to that ! 😍

So far behind here with updates, it has certainly been a while now....

  While I have been super busy offline lately, moving house and unpacking etc, so much has happened since my last post ...  I really can not...