Sunday, November 7, 2021

One brave little 10 year old girl , plus more videos & good news from around the world

 This very bright, articulate little girl is brainier than

 so many adults still believing all the lies, OUCH !😍UK.

It still surprises me how many do not have any idea about what the real agenda even was, nothing to do with a virus that is for sure .  Depopulation is what the elites wanted all along ...  

Check this out from 1989! 

You may need to zoom in to see it clearly, it just proves this was all PLANNED years earlier and sooner than that too, no doubt!  

Now for us Kiwis, what a treat this was, watching our crazy PM squirming and showing her true colours LOL 

Counterspin Media is great & our only 

TRUE news source channel here in NZ 😍

Since I can not seem to get Telegram to work for me for some reason... 

Down under , you won't see this on the TV either ... 
Clearly more waking up than we even know about! 
Yipeeee!  😍😉😏💓

And for the USA tomorrow is a huge day! 😁

Hope it goes well for them, and hoping to find one for us here! 
Hallelujah! 👪😎
Good Vs Evil, good will prevail! Amen! 

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