Monday, August 30, 2021

Finally some GOOD news best 12 minutes EVER ... since all this crap started.


Turn off your TV ~ it is all FAKE NEWS. 

Watch the TRUE story below. 

Stop the Fear and WAKE UP!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Now isn't that strange .... ???? WTF ...

 Well, well, well, we went into lockUP again ...  sounds more like it, than lockdown.  All because this twat went on the TV and said so ...   Watch the video,  that is what is supposedly in charge of all our lives LOL & all the sheeple listened... it is like everyone went back to sleep after all this time. OMG it is so frustrating to see.... 

Hoping the video works so you can see what she is!

I think we all got conned, don't you?  😵

I had woken up the neighbours and many others to all this BS and been called the crazy lady more than once , I have no idea what happened, one went to get the jab and the others are masking up...

 I guess they all watch the BS lamestream media which lies about EVERYTHING! 💫💪

I literally can not watch it any more without wanting to vomit! 

It is utter 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💢

As well as all the governments all over the world. 

I wonder if THEY all realise that! 😠

Time to wake up kiwis, the world is watching! 👀

It literally now is Good Vs Evil , I have been and seen way too much that I can not unsee, so many rabbit holes to go down and discover the bigger picture which is way scarier than any fake virus is!  Depopulation is their agenda! 😧😫

Go visit that site by clicking the pic' read that, then think about Jastinka being good friends with that Psycho' 😕
Still want to stay at home & wait for that to happen? 


Friday, August 6, 2021

BOOM~ Great time to be alive for sure... holy moly

 News Flash ...   oh , there is NO Virus LOL  never was, 100% PROOF now all over the place they can not erase everything fast enough ...  so hey more and more waking up to all this BS thankfully. 

This is just one video, there are many now but I love this guys channel for Truth bombs 💥💖


Great Question? Think about it! 
(No tests for it anywhere on earth) 
It only exists on your TV screens.
Time is NOW to wake the F' up. 
Seriously! 💪😍

Upside down, clown world still ..... ???

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