Monday, September 19, 2022

September , September, the month to remember ....

 I think the whole of 2022 will be the year everyone WILL definitely remember. Sadly there will be a lot of angry people when they discover the truth of the governments lies. Almost beyond comprehension that such evil even exists and we have been lied to about literally everything over the years, even the history books for heavens sakes 😏

I was lucky enough to not have a boss persay, so the mandates never affected me thankfully, have NEVER worn a mask , refused to,  that part was not easy but managed to stick to my guns on that too....  now ALL the mandates have gone in New Zealand thankfully & people are just absolutely OVER it and fed up mostly,  besides the obvious mask wearers still wearing them which is sad in itself, easy to see now the people who still believe the daily BS news on TV lol.   The truth is slowly coming out and the mainstream media have a lot to answer to, they arrested Kelvyn and Hannah from Counterspin media last month, they have another court date this week.  If you are near or in Christchurch go and show them some love & support...  😍

While I have never been into or followed politics EVER, since the stolen US election happened I have been a little obsessed (in a good way) lol  Patriots united!  😍

Even living in communist Vietnam for 5 years, I barely noticed what that even meant at the time, so maybe I am just me and do not let governments control my life.. Or maybe I was just asleep to the fact of how corrupt they actually are and that is scary to find out how bad and how evil some people really are and how close we came to losing all our freedoms that most of us take for granted . "The great awakening" is HERE 

I have been called crazy for years, my grown children think I am just plain insane LOL oh well, the truth will always prevail and we will WIN.   💖

I don't get Telegram and I do not use Fakebook or the other crap social media big tech places so I am often in the dark, my intuition is enough to just know what is happening and there is a plan, Q is REAL. the military (the good one) Trump WON the 2020 election , I NEVER voted for our PM , not sure if anyone actually did ... but hey. 👀

The storm is here now, things might look bleak to most, some still not awake yet , the movie is almost over and let the good times roll I say, be on the right side of history and we will soon see justice for all.   My Dad would be rolling in his grave.... he passed away when I was 8, 49 years ago now, so almost the 50th anniversary , a little like the 50th jubilee coming shortly.... 😍 Still miss him, to this day  💔

He lied about his age to be in the RAF and was a fighter pilot in WW2 , so it is in my genes to fight for freedom, (more of a keyboard warrior now though) while I have attended some rallies, I tend to be a lone warrior not being on social sites and I do work from home without a car most weekdays but I make up for that in spirit and passed the test of  NOT conforming to any government BS. I will defend my family to the death if I have to, that is a given, being a Taurus lol .  

Live in love and never fear.  I have the utmost respect all those in the public eye standing up for our world like the warriors they truly are.  Lost a lot of respect for our police force in NZ, my sister was in the police since 1999 and lost her job because of all this BS, so do know many who this has affected and not in a good way, all our friends and neighbours got fooled along with two of my sons sadly... even after trying to warn them to the lies.  😒💔


Here is a photo of the sky taken in Canada of all places, it is beautiful and NOT photoshopped, hence... 
"the best IS yet to come" 
Just like the Lords Prayer, "heaven on earth" & "deliver us from evil" (yes please) just think about that for a second!

Well, this might just be my last post here, depending what happens with the blackouts and the internet etc and or if google even survives what is coming. I guess we shall see and time will tell. Love & light to all.  

Bye bye, for now 😍💞💥💥💥

So far behind here with updates, it has certainly been a while now....

  While I have been super busy offline lately, moving house and unpacking etc, so much has happened since my last post ...  I really can not...