Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year after all is said and done....

When people say "YOU create your own reality" most people get pissed off with that thought.. as did I a few years back , now however, it seems to be true. 😁

The idea if you are having a rough time or are down and out, that YOU created that scenario just blows most peoples minds, how can that be?  Once you realize that truth, then and only then things can change for the better when you change your mindset...  A really good saying that seems to work for me and anyone who uses it is ... "LET GO ~ LET GOD" We have no control over anyone else, so why not give it a go ...   😌😍

Each hurdle in life, is a lesson, so be it, many are sick & tired of being sick & tired truth be known and what we can control is our thoughts and just KNOWING that and 'the best is yet to come' puts you in a state of joy in every moment.  As a collective we all should be in that state of joy, so why so much division? Even in the truth communities amongst each other... perhaps that is why I have not joined any groups so far.  I have found one channel on rumble that I love and the people there seem so like minded I feel at ease listening to them. It is   FCB on rumble, they keep you sane while decoding things that make you go HUH...  😌

Grateful I found them and staying away from the mainstream media helps keep you sane too... Just going with the flow of life and looking forward to a bright future indeed. 

I will not comply, never did & for me it is freedom or die, at times like these I wish I was a lawyer or doctor or someone with authority, I would be shouting from the rooftops for sure.... all these complicit people with authority of sorts should all be hung out to dry... 

Disclosure can not come soon enough, but it IS coming... Amen to that! 💖
Hopefully everyone around the world will have a happy & joyous Christmas, that is my wish for everybody, to be FREE, prosper and have abundance to live life the way it was intended to be. Amen and Amen ✌😇 Hallelujah!

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