Monday, June 22, 2020

Anyone else tired of all the BS yet?

Seems the whole world has gone crazy.... Again!
& Why mask wearing can be hazardous to your health!  😷

Or click below to watch the video about masks!

Insanity really, if they say there is a second wave, it
won't be the virus it will be side affects of mask wearing! 😀

Friday, June 5, 2020

Truth or Fiction ... Hmmmm!

Seems the truth is getting out a little more & more now. although as usual 
videos get deleted and while the world seems to be waking up to the
Scamdemic, things are still chaotic... for other reasons as was all planned! 

Just do some research of your own, they can not stop the truth being seen
and or heard from so many different sources now, so go do some searches
on different topics you want to know about, because you will NEVER see
the truth on the mainstream media, they are paid to keep you in the dark.

So shockingly obvious now ....   😁

To those still wearing masks , please  DON'T, it is more dangerous
than any virus would ever be, even if there was one, a mask would
simply make no difference ... there have been several articles about
that subject from many different doctors .... and think about why
they wanted you masked up in the first place ,  Hmmmm ....  
 Even more obvious now aye... 

This is another good reason to take off your masks! 

 And if you want some home truths about the riots and why they are happening, go and Google Candice Owens interviews, she is one very bright and intelligent young woman, with a lot of passion,  😍 & very inspiring. 

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So far behind here with updates, it has certainly been a while now....

  While I have been super busy offline lately, moving house and unpacking etc, so much has happened since my last post ...  I really can not...