Monday, April 24, 2023

Anzac Day , We will never forget......


Here and in Australia our Anzac day is like the USA's Remembrance Day. 

My Grandfather was killed in WW1, my Father was an RAF pilot in WW2 and they would be rolling in their graves if they could see what is going on these days, while on the brink of WW3, (which most people think) while the info' wars all going on in the background already, plus all the military sting operations,  it is all quite mind boggling and or will be for more when they finally wake up to the truth .....  

& "the truth shall set you free" Amen & Amen!

If you really do want to find out more of what is truly happening, then this video is a MUST watch, even more so if you are an American. A little scary but TRUE .... 

It pretty much sums up everything in a nutshell.  Impressive actually. 💓

With the millions of lives lost, having fought for our freedoms, 
Please pay attention and fight for your freedom,  😔 or we all lose, "United we stand ~ divided we fall " literally! ✊🙏
                                    Love, laugh, livegood & prosper...👩

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