Friday, March 31, 2023

Where did March go ? Time sure flies................

 Where did March actually go?  Time is flying by for sure..... 

While New Zealand is now famous for the Posie Parker incident, not all of us Kiwis are that insane and as usual the MSM spins it all... 

This guy I love , he tells it exactly how it is 💖 Watch this 😊

he is always funny about the serious stuff and says what most of us actually think about all this BS upside down world.  😎

While for the last 3 years I had been focusing on what is going on in the USA , I really had no idea we had the same things going on here. Even worse similar goings on in most other countries sadly. 
I live in West Auckland, this all happened in Auckland not far from me, I was going to go that day, but something said not to for whatever reason, now I know why, sort of wish I had though as I could not have stood by and watch people getting hurt by these insane clowns in frocks or whatever they call themselves these days. As a MOTHER, I call them all "woketards" it is, what it is. 
Offensive ? maybe, I am so sick of all this crap!😠
TRUMP WON, we do not have a Trump here unfortunately, Aussie has Riccardo, there are many good people left to fight though.

Love & light to ALL 💑💑💑💑😍

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