Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Disclosure month is August..... so it seems


All around the world & here at home in New Zealand ... 😍

I have always loved the site of Stop World Control .com I even
got a T- shirt made as his site has so much good information 
on ALL the topics we all need to know, with the FACTS
& PROOF made easy to find all in one place. 
Big bombshell out today! Click the pic' to visit for that...

As the rest of the world is too, the storm is upon us ... 
The people are awakening to all the lies which is great,
still a wee ways to go yet, definitely getting there. 😌
Our mainstream media are still lying, as always... 
We have my fav' Counterspin Media . com  and many other
kiwis doing a great job getting the truth out though .. 

It was epic ... 

Stuff .co  as well as the NZ herald are full of you know what too ...  
Our very iconic newspaper turned to crap sadly. 😒

People are starting to connect the dots at least,
or I would love to think so...  

It was a game we played as children, only with furry cute animals
 and fun things, this one not so much fun! 💫😐
"The best is yet to come" I do believe that. 


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